Robert and Diane Saba (Licensee) As parents themselves, their vision was to open a children's centre many years before their own children were born. Some 15 years later their dream came to fruition opening the West Ryde Centre in 2009 and the Ermington Centre in 2011.

Centre Director/Co-ordinator:

Diane Saba is the Authorised Supervisor and Director for both services. Her passion and dedication to early childhood is her driving motivation to inspiring our teams. With years of experience in the industry and a vision for exceeding in quality, she works best to meet the needs of our families and transition new families into our CMW community. She works with two quality teams of educators, who are also dedicated to providing a quality program for all children within our service meeting their interests and developing their emerging skills in an enriched environment

Early Childhood team:

At Colour My World we have a team of passionate, dedicated, hardworking Early Childhood professionals. Our educators currently hold or are working towards their Certificate III or Diploma in Children's Services and/or Degree in Early Childhood. They are loving and nurturing ensuring that our children feel safe and comfortable. Establishing this platform of security is then followed by their education.