Colour My World offers a preschool program which starts in all rooms, not just the pre-schoolers room.

In reality school readiness starts from the very early stages of development as even with the younger age groups, many activities and routines are designed to teach children vital attributes such as independence, confidence, and ability to work in groups, initiating conversations and making friends, to strengthen fine and gross motor skills, as well as literacy and numeracy.

As the children get older and closer to school age, the expectations of these children are greater and our program starts to include more structured activities as well more focus on the self-help skills which will be essential for children to tackle the challenges of a primary school environment.

In the final months of the program, for children who are starting school in the following year, Colour My World includes specific activities and experiences that they will encounter in primary school. Colour My World networks with the local primary school providing a four week program where we visit the school including a visit to Kindergarten classes, Library, School Assembly and lunch time and canteen visits. We encourage the children to bring their own lunchboxes and help them to unpack and be independent for their future lunch times.

At Colour My World families enjoy the benefits of long day care hours whilst their children are being educated with a Pre-School program. The best of both worlds.