Our Philosophy

Colour My World Children’s Centre Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide a caring, warm and safe environment that facilitates high quality education and care for our children.

  • Colour My World Children’s Centre is a family-owned service, whose mission is to create a “Home away from home” environment that encapsulates quality education and care, for children from birth to five years.

    The element of family is coupled with the element of respect for all children, parents, educators and staff.

    Team is synonymous with family, passionately working together for the same desired outcome, creating a loving atmosphere for our children.

    Respect is embedded in our practice and is role modelled as an important part of our children’s learning.

    Our environments are pregnant with meaning as they embrace the individual interests of our children. Uninterrupted play spaces provide the opportunity to learn through play.

    Live music extends on our program to ignite all areas of children’s development, including intellectual, emotional, motor, language and literacy helping the body and mind work together.

    Focus on fitness enhances and promotes the development of motor skills, bones and muscles, cognitive and social skills.

    Nutrition supports the above elements in all aspects to promote growth and development for our children to meet their full potential.

    The voices of our children, families and educators are present throughout our service to maximise opportunities for all and solidify a sense of belonging.

    Our children enjoy an interest-based curriculum and are encouraged to explore, experiment, create, problem solve and interact socially throughout each day.

    We strive to create authentic opportunities that allow children to reach their highest potential holistically.

    Critical reflection allows us to continue to maximise positive development and challenge for our children and for ourselves in all aspects of our service.